octocam maps


Last October Octocam-maps was working on the delivery of a special project at Josep Tarradelles el Prat Airport, Barcelona.

The objective was to identify all the existing paint, vertical and light markings on the runways. Due to the size and complexity of working in a large airport environment, short hours and at night, we opted for the use of Lidar technology to carry out this task.

We used a profilometer system from the company Topcon Positioning Spain. This equipment allows massive data capture thanks to its low altitude Lidar system, which gives millimetric quality to the resulting point cloud. It allows not only to visualise road markings, but also to have an elevation model with errors of less than 1 cm. Ideal for use in the maintenance of airport runways as well as on vehicle tarmac. We obtained detailed slope maps, we were able to identify and locate cracks in the asphalt as well as the state of existing road markings.

Undoubtedly a very specific job with great results. Contact us at octocam-maps.com for more information.

Mobile Mapping – Perfilómetro Aeropuerto de Barcelona