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Drones have revolutionized the way industrial facilities are inspected, increasing quality, speed, safety and reducing costs.

At Octocam-maps we have a team of engineers capable of offering inspection services for the wind, solar, power lines and infrastructure sectors.


Octocam-maps is a European leader in wind turbine inspections, with more than 16,000 turbines inspected. Using robotic drones, we offer fully autonomous inspections, from take-off to landing. The inspection time per turbine is less than 15 minutes and our drones are designed to inspect any model of wind turbine on the market.

Octocam-maps manages numerous teams of pilots operating simultaneously across Europe to provide fast, efficient and hassle-free service.

In short, we offer a solution built to help our customers work faster, safer and more effectively than any other system on the market. In addition, the vastly reduced inspection time per wind turbine saves customer costs and resources.

Inspección eólica con drones


Octocam-maps is a specialist in solar inspection for large plants. Using a high autonomy drone and an advanced dual thermal camera, we fly over the panels to generate a resolution per pixel of 3cm for the thermal sensor and 1.5cm for the RGB sensor. Both images are georeferenced with an RTK system.

After the data capture phase, we generate technical reports on the state of the plates. These reports contain a report analyzing their condition. We have several teams at our disposal to be able to offer a simultaneous service of this type of inspection.

Inspección solar con drones


For this type of inspection, we generally use a rotary wing drone with a high flight time (40 minutes) with zoomable RGB sensors and a radiometric thermal camera.

Thermography is a technique for recording the thermal radiation emitted by a body. The purpose of this technique is to determine temperatures accurately at a distance without direct contact with the body. This temperature difference is reflected on monitors with different colors, from which we can detect incidents in real-time or record them for later reporting. 

By attaching thermographic cameras to rotary wing drones, we are able to identify hot spots on the tower quickly in the observed assembly and act accordingly. It is accurate, fast, safe, effective and less costly than traditional methods.

Inspección de líneas eléctricas con drones
Inspección de líneas eléctricas


Octocam-maps has different equipment for the inspection of infrastructures.

We have a high autonomy drone and a powerful 200x zoom camera, capable of detecting cracks or elements such as neoprenes at a great distance. We offer maximum detail photographs in complex environments such as bridges, viaducts, communication towers, among others. Combined with its thermal sensor, we are able to detect moisture and illuminate dark areas with a powerful spotlight so as not to lose detail.

It is a fast, economical and safe system, ideal for preventing and maintaining the safety of infrastructures.

Dron de inspección de infraestructuras
Inspección de infraestructuras con drones



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