Wind power inspection

Octocam-maps produces wind inspections with a revolutionary and unique method on the market. Using robotic drones, we offer completely autonomous inspections, from take-off to landing. The inspection time per turbine is between 12 and 15 minutes depending on the type of wind turbine. It should be noted that our drones are designed to inspect any model of wind turbine on the market.

The data captured with our drones is transferred to our cloud platform, where all the information is grouped and processed in a single online platform, for the control and analysis of the wind turbines. The client has total control of the wind farm with a personalised report of each mill between two and seven days after the inspection, depending on the damage of the wind farm. Making notes, sharing reports, filtering data, are simple and intuitive tasks with our platform.

In short, we offer a solution created to help our clients work faster, safer and more effectively than any other system on the market. In addition, the enormous reduction in inspection time per wind turbine saves costs and resources for the customer.


Project Phases

Analysis of the project
Field inspection
Transferring information to the cloud
Post image processing and interpretation by our engineers
Generation of the report and uploading to the platform
Online consultation by the customer