octocam maps


Octocam-maps carries out the INECO tender for vegetative monitoring in different wetlands in Spain. The project consists of vegetative monitoring of the current state of the different wetlands.

For this task we have a recently acquired state-of-the-art multispectral camera. It is the Micasense Rededge-P with Skyport kit for our Matrice 300 RTK aerial platform. It has 6 different high resolution multispectral band cameras and can generate both RGB and different combinations of images (NDVI).

Thanks to the DJI kit, we can geo-reference the images more accurately, with the use of the RTK base linked to the drone.

Many thanks to Ineco for trusting in our services!

Dron con cámara multiespectral
Imagen multiespectral con dron
Imagen multiespectral con dron