Erosion control in Cap Ferret, Bordeaux

Erosion control in Cap Ferret, Bordeaux

Octocam-maps combines drones technology with Mobile Mapping, capturing all the information which the traditional system is not able to. For that, the drone flies in an autonomous way following the Mobile Mapping vehicle, taking bird’s eye view photographs of the surroundings. Through a specific software, we join the point clouds obtained with each one of the systems, achieving a greater range of information, useful in complex environments with uneven surfaces o drastic changes in the terrain.

In the European Horizon Project in 2020, we made two campaigns in the beaches of Cap Ferret in Bordeaux, France. The result, a complete point cloud showing the before and after of a 6 months period, through which we could determine the movement of the grounds, calculate volumes and help the authorities act accordingly facing the massive erosion of the zone.

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