Thermographic Inspection

Thermography is a technique that allows the register of thermic radiation emitted by a body. The aim of this technique is to determine the temperatures in a precise way from a distance without having any contact with said body. Said temperature difference is seen on the monitors with different colours, from which we can detect incidents in real time or record them for later reporting.

By attaching thermographic cameras to drones with rotary wings, we are able to quickly identify hot spots in the observed set and act accordingly. It’s a precise, fast, safe, effective and cheaper method than traditional ones.

The aerial thermographic applications are useful across a lot of fields, amongst them we can highlight these services:


➤ Detection of  hot spots on photo voltaic panels in solar parks.

➤ Detection of leaks in gas or oil pipelines.

➤ Detection of energy losses due to faulty insulation in civil engineering.

➤ Detection of gas emissions in waste plants.

➤ Detection of people or animals for safety and/or rescue.

After capturing the data in the field, our engineers carry out the necessary thermographic analyses (qualitative or quantitative) according to the type of project.