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Aerial photogrammetry

Photogrammetry is a mapping technique that uses drones equipped with RGB cameras to capture aerial images and create 3D digital terrain models. This technology is central to modern surveying, offering a fast and accurate way to map large areas of land.

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Aerial Photogrammetry

Orthophotos and point clouds with centimetre accuracy.

Drone photogrammetry represents a significant advance in modern surveying. At Octocam Maps, we have perfected this service to offer detailed and accurate solutions. Our autonomous drones are equipped to cover vast areas, providing accurate and reliable three-dimensional data.

Technical specifications:

Our drones are programmed to fly autonomously over designated areas, capturing images at regular intervals to ensure the necessary overlap for accurate reconstruction. Using PPK and RTK technologies, our equipment can map up to 200 hectares per day, delivering data with centimetre accuracy. The result is a detailed point cloud, followed by a mesh and finally a textured mesh.

Octocam Maps aerial photogrammetry experts

Advantages of drone photogrammetry.

Broad Coverage

Capable of mapping up to 200 hectares per day, our drones offer extensive and efficient coverage.

Detailed Data

We produce point clouds, meshes and textured meshes for a complete and accurate three-dimensional representation.

Various applications

From surveying to the generation of virtual environments, our technology is adaptable to multiple uses.

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