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#1 Success stories

Development of software to detect deviations and monitor the driving control in solar parks.

More than 15,000 wind turbine inspections with drones (onshore and offshore) in 14 countries.

LiDAR flight over power lines to observe tower geometry and cable position

Recloud: a software that compares the BIM with the construction in real time to detect deviations.

Drone Box: an autonomous box to automate inspections and data collection with drones.

Amelia Stocks: a software to automate inventory control in warehouses with drones.

Thermal inspection with drone for the revision and maintenance of a photovoltaic plant in Toledo.

Scanning of the entire building in Paseo de Gracia with LiDAR to extract the plans for its integral reform.

LiDAR scanning with a profilometer on the runways of El Prat airport to detect anomalies and damage.

Urban aerial photogrammetry with high detail drone of the Horta Guinardó neighbourhood, in the city of Barcelona.

Multispectral flight over several wetlands in Spain to determine the state of the vegetation.

LiDAR Drone scanning of 150 hectares in two days for the installation of a wind farm in a rural area.

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Octocam Maps is a company specialising in software, AI, advanced mapping, inspections and mass data capture for digitising environments. With offices in Barcelona and Madrid.


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