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Do you need a tailor-made development for your company?

At Octocam Maps we have a team of engineers to develop solutions to specific problems. We have worked on numerous development projects, both hardware and software, prioritising efficiency and adapting to the technical and operational needs of each client.

Project highlights

Software Developments

Development of software to detect deviations and monitor the driving control in solar parks.

Recloud: a software that compares BIM with construction in real time to detect deviations.

Project for European steel producer. With Amelia, they automate the calculation of iron volumes.

Amelia Stocks: a software to automate inventory control in warehouses with drones.

Software Experts

Octocam-Maps software.

In addition to R&D consultancy, we have a team of programmers developing two proprietary technological solutions.

Comparison of BIM models with point clouds

Automation of inspections with drones

Top #1 engineers

Experts in LiDARMappingPhotogrammetryTopographyMultispectralOrthophotosInspectionsScan to BIMLaser ScannerSoftware


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We optimise time and costs at every step.


We are backed by more than 10 years of experience and quality.


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Octocam Maps is a company specialising in software, AI, advanced mapping, inspections and mass data capture for digitising environments. With offices in Barcelona and Madrid.


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