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Infrastructure inspection

At Octocam Maps, we offer Visual Infrastructure Inspection services, a service that uses drones with high-resolution and thermal cameras to examine infrastructure such as bridges, viaducts and buildings in detail. It is essential for structural integrity assessment and preventive maintenance.

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Visual Inspection

Drones for infrastructure inspections

Our drones feature high-resolution cameras with up to 200x zoom, enabling accurate detection of cracks and other features from great distances. We combine imaging technology with thermal sensors to detect moisture and other structural problems, even in low light conditions.

Visual infrastructure inspections are carried out with the DJI Matrice 300 drone and the P1 and H20T sensors.

With its enormous zoom capability and resolution, we are able to inspect any anomaly in the structure.

We combine imaging technology with thermal sensors to detect dampness and other structural problems.

Radiometric thermal cameras

Thermography with drones

Thermal inspection, or thermography, is one of Octocam Maps’ specialities. We use drones equipped with radiometric thermal cameras to detect and analyse temperature variations in various structures and installations.

Technical specifications:

Our rotary-wing drones, with a flight time of up to 40 minutes, are equipped with zoomable RGB sensors and radiometric thermal cameras. This allows us to identify hot spots and other thermal anomalies in installations such as solar panels, cooling towers and power lines.

Octocam Maps infrastructure inspection experts

Advantages of drone inspections

High Detail Images

We capture images with an unprecedented level of detail, crucial for infrastructure assessment.

Imperfection Detection

We identify cracks and defects accurately, improving maintenance planning.

Secure Evaluations

We carry out inspections without putting operators at risk, ensuring a safer working environment.

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