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The Profilometer is an advanced measurement system that uses Lidar technology to analyse the surface of asphalt and other road infrastructure. This service is crucial for road maintenance and assessment, detecting irregularities and deterioration with millimetre accuracy.

Profilometer or Lidar Slam

Road infrastructure maintenance

Octocam Maps introduces its advanced profilometry service, using vehicle-borne LiDAR slam technology to generate accurate point clouds of asphalt. This service is essential for road infrastructure analysis and maintenance.

Technical specifications:

Our profilometry system, mounted on SUV-type vehicles, uses PPK georeferenced slam lidar. This allows us to obtain data with millimetre accuracy of ±1 mm while on the move, covering up to 100 km per day. This technology is ideal for detecting deformations and damage to the road.

Octocam Maps expertos en LiDAR Slam

Ventajas del Perfilómetro

Detailed asphalt analysis

We accurately detect defects and deformations in asphalt, essential for road maintenance.

Millimetre Accuracy

Our Lidar technology offers measurements with an accuracy of ±1 mm, crucial for accurate assessments.

Efficiency and Security

We improve road safety and optimise maintenance, reducing operational risks.

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