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Cartographic Production

At Octocam-Maps we have a team of highly qualified experts in the generation of cartographic products, converting captured images into valuable information. We generate point clouds, digital terrain models, orthophotos and vector models.

We transform images into accurate and valuable data.

Generation of Orthophotos

Orthophoto generation is the union of a multitude of images with a certain degree of overlap between them, generating a single image from all of them. This service is essential for cartography, urban planning and resource management, providing a clear and accurate view of the terrain.

Digital Terrain Model

We use state-of-the-art technology to generate digital models from LiDAR or photogrammetry data.

Our exclusive interpolation method guarantees maximum accuracy, avoiding triangulation errors and maintaining the original fidelity of the data.

Vectorial Cartography

From data obtained by photogrammetry, LiDAR or a combination of both, we generate digital cartography adapted to the needs of the project. Our level of detail is customisable for urban, rural or mixed areas.

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We deliver results quickly and accurately.


We ensure excellence and quality in every service.


We optimise time and costs at every step.


We are backed by more than 10 years of experience and quality.


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Octocam Maps is a company specialising in software, AI, advanced mapping, inspections and mass data capture for digitising environments. With offices in Barcelona and Madrid.


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