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Wind Inspection with Drones

Wind Inspection is a specialised service that uses drones to perform detailed assessments of wind turbines. This technique allows for quick and safe inspections of these structures, essential for the maintenance and operational efficiency of wind farms.

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Octocam Maps is proud to be a European leader in wind turbine inspections. Our wind turbine inspection service is carried out with robotic drones that offer fully autonomous inspections, from take-off to landing, adapting to any model of wind turbine on the market.

Technical specifications:

Our high-tech drones perform detailed visual inspections of wind turbine blades, nacelles and joints in less than 15 minutes per turbine. This efficiency is possible thanks to the autonomy and precision of our equipment, which allows us to operate simultaneously in multiple locations.

Inspection of onshore and offshore turbines

Octocam Maps experts in turbine inspections

Advantages of drone inspections

Fast and Autonomous

Our drones perform complete assessments in less than 15 minutes per turbine, maximising efficiency.

Enhanced Security

We minimise the need for human intervention at heights, increasing the safety of inspections.

Flexible Solution

Our drones are designed to inspect any model of wind turbine (onshore and offshore).

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