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Solar Inspection with Drones

Solar inspection focuses on the analysis of photovoltaic installations using drones equipped with thermal and RGB cameras. This service effectively detects anomalies and problems in solar panels, helping to optimise their performance and maintenance.

Maintenance of photovoltaic panels

Inspection of solar panels with drones

Octocam Maps specialises in solar inspections for large photovoltaic plants. We use high autonomy drones equipped with advanced dual thermal cameras to perform detailed and accurate inspections of solar panels.

Technical specifications:

Our drones fly over solar panels, capturing high-resolution images in both the thermal and RGB spectrum. These images are geo-referenced with an RTK system, allowing us to accurately detect any anomalies or inefficiencies in the panels.

Octocam Maps solar inspection experts

Advantages of drone inspections

Advanced Thermal Analysis

We effectively detect problems in solar panels, optimising their performance and maintenance.

High Resolution and Accuracy

Our cameras capture detailed images, enabling accurate analysis of the condition of the plates.

Detailed Technical Reports

We provide comprehensive reports to facilitate decision making and management of solar plants.

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